Nolah Mattresses

With Nolah mattress, you can switch sides, feel utmost comfort, and sleep cool. This is one of the best and high-end mattresses available in the market.

Below I have written a detailed review about Nolah mattress and all those who are considering buying a mattress should read this article. You never know, this mattress might be the one that you need to get deep and restful sleep.

First, I will start with my personal experience

When it was a matter of sleep, I always relied on expensive and branded traditional mattresses. Recently I heard about memory foam mattress and I was sceptical to try the same. Most of my friends said that memory foam mattresses always created a hole like area while changing positions. They said that it was more like a sleep hole that causes discomfort and interrupted the other partner due to its motion transfer. I was badly in need to buy a new mattress and was confused between many brands.

I wanted to try a memory foam mattress but was not sure whether my choice would be a better deal and read about the Nolah mattress online and all those positive reviews. Most of the reviews hinted that this memory foam mattress is entirely different from the conventional memory foam mattresses available in the market. I readily ordered this product and thought to give a shot. For the first time in my life, I was very happy with my online purchase. The delivery was quick and in time.

This mattress offers great comfort with zero issues. You can switch sides easily without disturbing your partner. Not to mention it sleeps cool and offers restful sleep. In fact, this mattress made me super comfortable and I woke up fresh every morning on my Nolah mattress. Now I have become lazy and I feel like I should stay in the bed all day long. The only negative review I would say is, nowadays am always late to wake up and the culprit is Nolah mattress.

Starting with the Nolah mattress size availability and dimensions

This mattress is available in the following sizes as per your needs.

  • TWIN 39″×75″×10″
  • TWIN XL 39″×80″×10″
  • FULL 54″×75″×10″
  • QUEEN 60″×80″×10″
  • KING 76″×80″×10″
  • CAL KING 72″×84″×10″

Construction of Nolah mattress – one great cool memory foam mattress

  • Outer cover – The basic look of this mattress is splendid and has “luxury” written all over it. Nolah mattress comes with a Natural Viscose Cover, which is ultra soft. The viscose cover helps to keep the moisture away and makes the mattress stay cool. The viscose cover has a knitted design running all over and it is non-removable.
  • Cooling Nolah AirFoam™ – this layer occupies the top 2 inches and according to the makers, this cooling foam layer is not temperature sensitive. That simply means that this mattress sleeps cool and contours according to your body movements without creating sleep holes.
  • Supportive Avena® Foam – This layer occupies one-inch height and it offers sturdy support to the mattress. I guess this layer is the reason why it gives a healthy bounce effect (not too much, but just the right bounce).
  • High-Density Base Foam – the high-density base layers takes 7 inches and the best part is, this layer is USA made and not any imported local stuff. It is highly durable and the manufacturer claims that this foam will last longer than any others in the market will.

The comfort of Nolah memory foam mattress

Is this mattress Firm or plush?

Well, Nolah mattress belongs more to the firmer side. The core is firm and the top cushioning layer is soft and a bit of plush type. The mattress has a supportive sturdy firm foundation and the top layer hugs the body perfectly without making you sink deep down. This mattress is great for heavy sleepers as well as for side sleepers. It contours according to the body and makes you rest without having any interruption.

Does Nolah mattress trap body heat and cause heating effect while at sleep?

This mattress is super cool and the construction is done accordingly. The viscose cover of the mattress wicks the moisture away and the layers beneath are not temperature sensitive. The mattress does not absorb body heat and instead, it dissipates heat much faster and quicker than most of the conventional memory foam mattresses. It is definitely a lot better than the latex mattress and for sure offers comfortable sleep.

Does Nolah mattress offer therapeutic comfort as claimed by the manufacturers?

The manufacturers of this product claim that it offers Therapeutic Comfort. This is true and I admit that this mattress offers rejuvenating sleep by providing relief from pressure points. I have slept in many plush and expensive mattresses, most of them have offered comfort but fail to offer support to the body. The Nolah mattress offers 4X times less peak pressure on your hips, shoulders and back.

This Mattress is scientifically proven to provide less pressure on the body compared to most of the expensive memory foams available. It sleeps cool due to its 100% temperature neutral feature. Moreover, this mattress does not contain any visco-elastic chemicals that trap heat. I belong to the heavy side and this mattress perfectly supports my body weight. I have lower back pain and now I feel comfortable waking up in the morning. Now I get proper sleep and the right level of firmness has helped to manage my back pain to a certain extent.

How is Nolah mattress better than latex mattresses?

Nolah mattress comes with a signature bounce as claimed by the makers. They have used the patented latex-like Avena® foam for the same purpose. This ultra-premium foam offers the right bounce and it highly durable than Latex foam. In addition to that, this matrix is hypoallergenic and has thorough ventilation. This Mattress definitely offers a great Bounce effect and all the high-end features offered by any latex mattress.

Do Nolah mattresses emit smell or have any off-gassing issues?

Just like any other mattress, Nolah also has some off -gassing when taken out of the box and packaging. What I did was, I kept the mattress wide open for 24 hours for the odour to dissipate. After that, there was no strong smell or out of the ordinary off-gassing issues. In General, every mattress will have some smell for a few days, which will go off gradually. With Nolah, you can stay without any worries as it does not cause any odour issues or pollute the indoor air.

What is the trial period of Nolah mattress?

The best part I loved about this mattress is I got 120 days as the trial period. With Most of the mattresses that I have bought from local stores and I hardly get around 5 minutes to 10 minutes to take a look. However, with this mattress, I am really happy that I can try for a long time and understand the features completely. You can return this mattress within the specified time and get a full refund if you are not happy with the product. As of now, I am happy with the product and I do not think I would be returning this mattress. You can also return this product with a free shipping cost, unlike other mattresses that levy the burden on your pocket. With such a long trial period Nolah mattress is definitely the great pick.

Free shipping/ Returns and Warranty

Nolah mattress comes with a 15-year warranty against manufacturing defects and damages. This is indeed a long period and one of the best offers in the industry. This product is entirely USA made and therefore it seems to be highly durable.

After placing the order, the mattress arrives in a box, which is tightly packed and compressed. This mattress reaches your doorstep without incurring any shipping charges. In case, if you decide to return the product you can do so without spending a penny from your pocket. All you have to do is call the customer care department and initiate the return process.

Wildlife adoption by Nolah mattress

This is one of the highlights of Nolah mattress. With each purchase, you are paying to protect the wildlife. A particular amount of each purchase goes to the wildlife conservation programs. While making a purchase you can choose which type of animal or wildlife, you would like to adopt or contribute. You would also get an adoption certificate along with the purchase.

Frequently asked questions

What kind of mattress foundation is the best suited for Nolah mattress?

Nolah mattress is compatible with most of the mattress foundation types. It stays put on any mattress base without tilting around. You do not have to buy a new base or foundation for this mattress. Initially, i put this mattress on the floor and it was great to sleep. Alternatively, this mattress is compatible with Flat Platform, slatted bed and box spring.

Can I flip the Nolah mattress?

No, it is one sided and you cannot flip the mattress. You can try rotating the mattress after a few months for keeping up the shape.

Does Nolah mattress support weight?

Yes, Nolah mattress is a great pick for heavy sleepers. It can support up to 400 pounds and gives ample comfort while at sleep. This mattress has a height of 10 inches and the three layers offer best cooling experience and restful sleep.

Nolah Mattress reviews

I saw a great number of customer reviews on the official website and that I how I ended up purchasing this mattress. This mattress comes with advanced air foam technology and offers the best cooling experience. There are many benefits offered by Nolah mattress and hundreds of customers have voted this mattress as their number one choice.

  • “I am totally in love with sleep because of Nolah mattress and bought with the intention of just trying as they gave a 120-day trial period. I was sure that I would first try and only then allow it to stay back in my room. Luckily this mattress helped me to sleep well and my husband loved it a lot.”
  • “My lower back pain is a nowhere to be found. I guess my old mattress was the culprit due to the sagging and sink holes. With Nolah, I get the perfect hug and contouring. It does not heat up or give out any odour. This mattress is a great product if you want to have a great sleep.”
  • “This mattress offers therapeutic comforts and comes at an affordable price. It gives so much comfort and takes away all the pain. My husband says he wakes up fresh and has full of energy all day long at the office. I am happy with my purchase and I have referred a friend so that he gets a $50 off on his purchase.”

Buy Nolah mattress – Best cool memory foam mattress giveaways

You can buy Nolah mattress from the official website and it is not available at any local outlets. There are various discount and promo coupons available, which you can make use of while making a purchase. In fact, if you sign for their newsletter you can get a direct $75 off from your purchase. They also provide exciting offers such as win a Nolah mattress, giveaways, and discounts from time to time. Sign up now and get your mattress right away.

Summary: The Nolah mattress is a great pick according to many verified users and me. This mattress has a great air foam technology and innovative design. The mattress cover is sleek and stylish. The whole mattress has a sturdy construction, gives the right bounce, and does not produce heat and odour issues. I would give this mattress big thumps up as it has helped me to give pain relief, especially from back pain. The makers of this product offer great discounts and exciting deals, which is a great highlight of this product. This is a great product and helps to provide great sleep and nothing else.