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NRCME Plus Online training course is an online training program for all health care providers to get certified in FMCSA. The NRCME Plus Online training lasts for about 12 hours. There are 27 modules in the program.

NRCME Training Course

If you desire to be a medical examiner, then NRCME Training Course provides apt training for you. NRCME or The National Registry of Certified Medical Examiners (National Registry) is a program for health care professionals. It is a certificate for those who want to be qualified to perform physical examination on truck and bus drivers. Starting from May 21, 2014, all interstate commercial motor vehicle (CMV) drivers are required to get a physical examination and a medical examiner’s certificate from a certified Medical Examiner (ME) who is listed in the National Registry website. To become a DOT Medical Examiner and get listed on the National Registry, all health care professionals must complete training and testing on the physical qualification standards and guidelines as set by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration(FMCSA). They should be certified and listed on FMCSA’s National registry by May 21, 2014. This has been established to prevent accidents and reduce causalities.

NRCME PLUS online training system

NRCME plus Online training system is provider of healthcare related training providers which provides course like MDs, DOs, DCs, NPs/APNs and Pas. It not only deals with the medical but also helps in the training of people to apply for Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) driver qualifiers. The program is a complete online package and the average time of completion of NRCME Training Course is 12 hours. The course is presented in 27 self-guided modules with many tests following the modules. After the completion of the NRCME Plus Online training course, the candidate can register for the FMSCA medical Examiner certification test.

NRCME Training Online

NRCME Training Course is powered by Oakstone which has more than 35 year of experience in the training world and is one of the prime providers of nonbiased multimedia education and certification which has made many peoples’ dream come true. Oakstone has also received accreditation with commendation which is a highest recognition a medical content provider can achieve. Oakstone is headquartered in Birmingham, AL, Oakstone Publishing and is a portfolio company of BV investment Partners.

NRCME Plus is an online training program for all health care providers to get certified in FMCSA. The NRCME Training Course lasts for about 12 hours. There are 27 modules in the program. There are two tests, pre-test and post-test and also a quiz after each module. After successfully completing all the modules, they can print a Certificate of Completion and register for the FMCSA medical examiner certification test. NRCME Plus Online training system is able to provide comprehensive educative training to meet all the requirements of the FMCSA.

The National Transport Safety Board recommends that all Medical Examiners are trained about the occupational issues of drivers, all applications for medical certification is recorded and reviewed, the medical certification regulations are updated to permit trained medical professionals to decide on the medical conditions for which the drivers can be issued with a certificate and to issue guidelines and information to the medical examiners.

DOT Medical Examiner Course Program

NRCME Plus Online training system has been accredited to categories like ACCME (Accreditation Council for Continuing Medical Education), AANP ( The American Association of Nurse Practitioners), AAPA (The American Academy of Physician Assistants) and PACE (Providers of Approved Continuing Education) for chiropractic professionals.

Advantages of NRCME Plus Online training

  • NRCME Plus has over 35 years of experience in multimedia based continuing education for all types of health care professionals
  • An online resource library provides information to help in the training and can also be used even after the training period for reference.
  • There are about 550 practice questions and answers
  • Training period is unlimited and there is no expiry date.
  • NRCME Plus Online training is accredited to ACCME, AANP and PACE.
  • It has an excellent success rate with 95% of the participants passing the Medical Examiner’s test in the first attempt.
  • The modules are self guided and the timings are flexible and convenient. So no time is wasted for travel. Time spent on family and patients also does not suffer.
  • The curriculum has been developed by experts and is very comprehensive
  • NRCME Plus Online training system provides ongoing training development and review with health care providers who include board certified physicians, nurses, physical assistants and chiropractors.
  • Through the program the Medical Examiners can earn AMA PRA Category 1 Credits.
  • All documents are available in PDF format which can be downloaded and stored for future use.
  • The training can be done even on mobile devices and hence can be done anywhere
  • Auto save options are available to identify the place where the program was last stopped or interrupted and NRCME Plus does not require audio or flash player
  • There are pre-tests and post-tests and quizzes available and also a final exam. After successful completion, the certificate can be printed immediately.
  • Frequent updation of the program is done based on the regulations of the FMCSA.
  • 10 Sample questions are provided to help towards the test for the Medical Examiner Training.
NRCME DOT examiner

Thus NRCME Plus Online training course is a very comprehensive program with excellent training book materials and flexible schedules which are ideal for all types of busy medical practitioners.

Registering into the NRCME Plus Online training system can give the candidate the following services:

  • Training access in an unlimited manner without any expiration terms regarding the time period of the training.
  • The participants get the certificate of completion as soon as the NRCME Training Course is completed and can be used for jobs or for taking the tests for the certification.
  • 100 % online training support for all the 27 modules with 1000 slides
  • The NRCME Plus Online training system also provides pre-testing facilities to know where they stand in the knowledge.
  • The candidates are provided with continuation education credits which are included in the registration fees.
  • NRCME Plus Online training system also gives services like post module quizzes to test the performance. It also comes with a bonus Q&A deck which comes with 550 + sample exam questions.
Preparing DOT examiners

Group Training

The firm is also experienced in giving group training in large numbers. The group benefits include:

  • The NRCME Training Course package gives the participants customized implementation solutions tailored to fit your practice’s needs.
  • It gives the participants complete integration with your Learning Management System
  • It also provides a multi-view reporting mode to see the progress.
  • While in NRCME Training Course you also have an easy access with the group priority access.

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