Overview Of Violight Sterilizer Products

Violight Sanitizer Products

Choose from a wide range of Violife UV Sanitizer products such as toothbrush that beats germs and maintains perfect dental health.

Violight gives you whole lot of products to choose from such as Zapi, Slim Sonic, Travel Pack or Kids. Let me give you an overview of around two of their UV products.

UV Products Review from Violight Sanitizer

  • Zapi – As it says in the name, Violight’s Zapi UV sterilizer zaps the bacteria and effectively keeps your toothbrush germ-free. Its modern design is hard to compete and is an addition to any bathroom.
  • Slim Sonic – The mascara style bodied Slim Sonic toothbrush is creatively designed with bright colors & patterns to suit your style. As it is a portable toothbrush, you can carry it in your bag where ever you go.
  • Toothbrushes such as Spritz help you if you are a frequent traveler.

Making a kid brush their teeth is ten times difficulty than making them eat. Kids love to eat anything such as mud to chocolate cake. While you can take care of their food, do not neglect other daily items such as toothbrush that can lead to health issues. Mesmerize them with new toothbrush sterilizers such as Rockee, Bobee or Owl Zapi UV toothbrush sterilizer. While Bobee is available in attractive baseball, football sterilizers, Rockee is available in all colors, spins, wobbles and doesn’t even fall off the counter.

Violight sterilizer also brings you three new products such as The Facial Misting Spa, Personal Misting Humidifier and The instant ice pack.

credits: http://www.fazendomedia.com/
credits: http://www.fazendomedia.com/

The Facial Misting Spa sprays a relaxing mist of water vapor to your face and nourishes your skin by making it look fresh from the daily stress.

Personal Misting Humidifier is basically an air freshener in a cute little bottle to soothe the environment around you. Be it work, home or any other place, get rid of that pungent smell just by releasing the vapor from Violight’s Personal Misting Humidifier. It is best recommended for usage of desk, hotel, baby’s crib or bedroom. Personal Misting Humidifier also contains a small ambient light which makes the vapor glow….

The instant ice pack known as Chillee by Violight changes into an ice in just 60 seconds….So you don’t need ice bags or wet compresses to soothe your bruises or aches. Just press the power button and your ice is ready.

You can also order Violight Accessories such as UV Dental Spa AC Adapter for $9.99 or VIO 100 Ultraviolet Germicidal Bulb for $11.95 which lasts around 18 months.

General overview

While general public found Violight a very benefiting product, some claim that the sanitizing unit started growing mold inside it. About four to six months of usage of Violight sterilizer, the power button failed, translucent cap started to crack and even mildew started building up in the tiny crevices of lid.

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