Pro Supps PS Whey Protein Powder- Glazed Donut

Pro Supps PS Whey Protein Powder

The PS Whey protein powder is made of both pure whey protein and whey protein isolates to have maximum protein pump.

Protein powder is the closest supplement that you have for bodybuilding. There are different types of protein and whey protein is considered the superior to other types. Whey protein is the protein isolated from the whey liquid from the cheese making. It is one of the purest forms of protein source with no allergens from the milk.
The Pro Supps PS Whey protein, in the glazed donut flavor, is the sweet version of this purest protein form which is easily absorbed and readily goes to work. This is one protein powder formula with the least number of fillers and having the pure proteins.

PS Whey Protein Glazed Donut

There are 4 flavors of Pro Supps Whey protein powder. They are chocolate fudge cake, glazed donut, vanilla cake, and campfire marshmallow. The prosupps glazed donut flavor is indeed the sweet flavor of the glossy donut that many love.

The PS Whey protein powder is made of both pure whey protein and whey protein isolates to have maximum protein pump. Unlike other protein powder packs, there are not many types of filler in this formula.

This protein formula stimulates the metabolism, prevents the breakdown of muscles, improves the anabolic environment in the body and most importantly, be a tremendous help with body strength and muscle development.

The Pro Supps PS Whey glazed donut whey protein powder could be used at any time of the day. It works well as a post-workout drink and also be a dessert drink because of its sweetness.

What Is Whey Protein?

Whey protein is the protein isolated from the whey liquid that is left behind in the cheese making process. The milk separates into solid and liquid. The solid makes the cheese and the liquid is called whey. This pale colored liquid is highly nutritious and a natural source of milk proteins.

Whey is also the natural source of the pure form of proteins with no allergenic lactose or milk fat. This whey protein has found its way into health development in various fields.

One of the popular uses of whey protein is lean muscle development. The protein here is easily absorbed, digested, and used by the body. It is a bank of numerous useful amino acids as well. All of these make up the lean muscle mass without having too much fat or sugar in the system.

Since the whey protein powder does not make an acceptable taste, it is often mixed with some flavors. Here, the added flavor is that of the glazed donut.

Benefits of Pro Supps PS Whey protein

The primary use of whey protein is weight loss and muscle development. It contains the key amino acids for the lean muscle mass that helps with the development and also in preventing the loss of the muscles during weight loss.

As you know, the body has a special affinity towards the muscle mass that it targets this as a source of energy in need. With the whey proteins, the body will be prevented from carving energy from the muscles and find it in the fat stored.

Muscle building

  • Whey protein provides the building blocks for muscle development with its store of amino acids.
  • They are useful in the production of anabolic hormones to have the muscle growth and also in producing insulin.
  • The major amino acid in whey protein is leucine that stimulates the synthesis of muscle protein. It can go to the molecular level and show its effects in this regard.
  • The whey proteins are easily used by the body and have better bioavailability than other types of protein.
  • Whey protein has its effects on muscle development, anytime, before, during or after the workouts.

Weight loss

The other half of muscle development in most cases would be weight loss. Whey protein is the best choice to have both these in effect. Whey proteins curb the appetite and reduce the cravings, this prevents the person from snacking untimely, and stay focused on the calorie intake.

The whey protein is also able to trigger the metabolism to go faster and better to burn more calories. This will also help in curbing the appetite. The increase in metabolism results in more energy in the body.

Whey protein can make the stomach feel fuller for longer which ultimately links to hunger. Not all types of proteins can satiate the body but whey protein is those rare ones of them.

Top it up with some intense workout to get the desired weight loss in a healthier manner and an increase in lean muscles. Whey protein is the best way to preserve the muscles and lose weight.

Other health benefits of using Pro Supps PS Whey protein powder

The whey protein is ultimately protein that the body needs every day. You can have it for muscle health, weight loss or simply for the sake of good health. There are other health benefits of whey protein that you can have the Pro Supps whey protein powder as part of a healthy lifestyle.

  • Anti-inflammatory: Whey protein is tested to have an inhibiting action on the inflammation-causing protein in the body. This is a great relief with chronic inflammatory diseases. Thus, whey protein could relieve you from inflammatory bowel disease and other inflammatory diseases.
  • Antioxidants: Whey protein has glutathione, the amino acid with antioxidant properties. The presence of this amino acid makes it a viable antioxidant to deal with the free radicals in the body. Whey protein also has the amino acid cysteine that is later converted into glutathione.
  • Blood pressure: Whey protein contains the peptides called lactokinins that can help lower the blood pressure. This peptide inhibits the enzyme that controls the blood pressure. This enzyme can sometimes produce another version of the beneficial compound and can cause narrowing of the blood vessels. By inhibiting this enzyme, the peptides in whey protein ensure that the blood pressure is lowered and maintained.
  • Cholesterol: Long-term use of whey protein can lower the total cholesterol in the blood. This will, directly and indirectly, benefit with a healthy heart.
  • Diabetes: Whey protein is found to be effective in moderating the type 2 diabetes. Whey protein can stimulate the production of insulin and also known to relieve the insulin sensitivity to have the blood sugar level in a better level. Taking it along with a high carb meal has shown better results.

Pro Supps Glazed Donut PS Whey Protein Ingredients

The only ingredients in the Pro Supps whey protein glazed donut flavor are, protein matrix formed by whey protein concentrate and whey protein isolate, along with some flavors and sucralose for taste.

The whey protein concentrate is the mix of proteins, carbohydrates, and fats left out in the liquid. It will have about 80% of protein in it. The whey protein isolate is further purified form of protein with 90% protein in it. The mix of these forms makes the PS Whey protein powder powerful.

The ingredients altogether get you 24g of protein, 70mg of cholesterol some fat, sodium, potassium, 2g of sugar, traces if vitamin A and a good amount of calcium.

Glazed Donut Whey Protein Powder Dosage

The single dose of glazed donut whey protein powder is 1 scoop full, mixed with 6-12 oz of cold liquid. It can be taken 2-3 times a day for best results.

The cold liquid that is used to mix the protein powder could be water, low-fat milk or any other beverage of your choice.

The body would need approximately 1 gm of protein per body weight. So calculate your needs and spread the total dosage evenly throughout the day. 1 scoop full of powder would have 24g of protein.

The whey protein powder could be spoon mixed, use in a shaker or a blender as per preference. Whatever the method is, mix it well with no lumps until all the powder is dissolved.

Pro Supps PS Whey protein Powder Side Effects

Whey protein or any other type of protein is beneficial as long as it is taken only in the required amount. Adding too much protein in the diet is not only useless but can also cause you problems.

The side effects or after effects of using too much of whey protein powder is expected to be, nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, bloating, flatulence, cramps etc. Other side effects possible are loss of appetite, headache, and fatigue.

Whey protein is one form that is well tolerated by a majority of the users. It is very unlikely to have any side effects with the minimal dosage. It can show problems when you are taking 2-3 scoop per day for longer.

Pro Supps whey protein contains milk and soy lecithin, so if you are lactose intolerant or have troubles with soy, then this is not a safe product for you.

People with kidney problems might want to consult the doctor before you take Pro Supps whey protein.

PS Whey Glazed Donut Review

The Pro Supps PS Whey protein reviews show satisfactory results with the PS whey protein. The protein is working well for them helping in weight loss, muscle growth etc. Many have also felt the pump in the energy as well. The main motto of using this whey protein is lean muscle mass and weight loss.

  • Sweetness: The main problem seems to be the fact that the Glazed donut PS Whey protein is much sweeter than many had anticipated. It is way too sweet for many. Some were ok with the sweetness while some were totally off with it.
    It shows that the Glazed donut flavored PS whey protein powder is truly meant for those with a sweet tooth. People who crave for sweetness in their diet and are unable to include them would love this protein powder.
    Using them for smoothies or mixing it with other ingredients is the suggested way to bring down the sweetness of the powder.
  • Mixing: The trouble with mixing the powder is another issue with this whey protein powder. The powder seems to form lumps and does not mix easily.

Overall, the reviews are mixed with both pros and cons. The choices with the flavors have made PS why protein powder popular and making people try this out. Some have liked it and some didn’t. You really have to use to know how it fits for you.


The conclusion from the various reviews is that the Pro Supps Whey protein powder is effective and a good product. If you can bypass the taste and use a blender or shaker, instead of hand mixing, it could be a better post workout drink for instant energy. The biggest advantage is that there are no fillers and neither does it have any unnecessary chemicals. That alone should be reason enough to choose this whey protein powder. What have you decided?

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