Role of Low Calorie HCG Hormone Diet in Weight Loss Program for Men

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The role of HCG hormone in weight loss programs for men is as effective as for women. Human Chorionic Gonadotropin- HCG, hormone is produced by the pregnant women that helps find constant energy for the growing fetus. The energy is taken from the stored fat in the mother’s arms, thighs, belly etc. The excess hormone is expelled through the urine which is later preserved to use for the weight losing programs. The ability of this hormone’s to burn the stored unwanted fat molecules is exploited and is very much effective in almost everyone. Many have the notion that since it is produced in women the hormone is effective only for them. That is not true; HCG hormones in Triumph Hcg weight loss programs are as effective in men as in women. Check out reviews and your options to buy hcg injections and Drops online below!

How HCG Hormone works in weight loss programs for Men?

HCG hormone is not gender based, like the sex hormones. The sole purpose of this hormone is to find the fat molecules which can be used to generate energy for the baby. Neither this hormone nor the target fat molecules have any gender so they can act on the body of both men and women equally. There is only one mode of action, find the fat molecules. The hormone is used in many weight loss programs that prolongs long enough to lose particular amount of body weights. The weight loss occurs for as long as the hormone is being taken. These programs are not exclusive for men. The same program is used for men and women. The program insists on a low calorie diet of 500 calories, to compliment the actions of this hormone. The lack of enough calorie intakes will make the body look for other sources for energy and the HCG hormone redirect this search towards the stored fat. It is this stored fat that is responsible for the weight gain and once these are broken down the body weight will automatically come down. About 1- 1.5 pounds of body weight can be reduced daily with the help of HCG hormone.

HCG hormone weight loss program for men/women works in 4 phases. The initial loading phase, where the body is stuffed with all fatty and sugary substances, increases the metabolic rate and helps it stand the coming low calorie diet. The second phase will have low calorie diet and HCG administered and the weight loss happens. In the third phase that weight is maintained and the body is made accustomed to the new weight pattern. In the final phase the restricted food items are reintroduced but care is give so that the last weight is not regained.

HCG Weight Loss Program and Men

Men are mostly not comfortable with any kind of hormone therapies. HCG hormone weight loss program is no less for them. The first and foremost effect of this weight loss program is weight loss. But initially there could be some uneasiness like headaches, nausea, vomiting etc. These are found only in a few during the initial period which disappears when the body is used to this hormone. The best consolation regarding the exposure to this HCG hormone is that everyone has survived this hormone while in their mother’s womb. If nothing has happened then, there should not be any worry about it now. The effects of this HCG hormone in men can be categorized as positive as well as negative.

Many fear that low calorie diet is unhealthy and sudden weight loss will be harmful. But nothing is the case. Only the stored fat is broken down and that does not affect overall health and muscles. The body is not starved due to low calorie consumption; instead it gets the compensatory energy from the fat molecules that are being broken down. A single fat molecule can release more energy than any other molecule. So the fear of losing their muscles is unnecessary.

Effects of HCG Weight Loss program in Men

Positive effects: Other than the weight loss, men have noticed a considerable reduction in the cholesterol and blood pressure levels that is due to the low calorie diet. Despite being on a low diet this Triumph HCG weight loss program has provided higher energy because of the constant fat burning and resulting energy release. There is also the feel of well being and the body feels lighter.

Negative Effects: There are not much to list here but the headaches and leg cramps may be there for those who have been on a high sugar diet and the sudden reduction in the sugar or carbohydrates results these symptoms. These are simple to be handled by aspirin and some potassium supplements. The temporary chest area enlargements are a concern for men especially when they choose the weight loss program that has the HCG administration through shots. This happens due to the increase in the estrogen levels in the body by the HCG hormone. Though these are worrying symptoms, it happens only in rare cases.

How Safe is HCG Hormone for men

HCG is a naturally occurring hormone in humans. The lesser known fact is that it is produced not just in pregnant women but also in men and non-pregnant women as well. But it is produced in much low amount that is mostly negligible. The possible side effects are just temporary and will disappear when the hormone is stopped. The headaches, nausea etc are common for both men and women and there is nothing to fear about. If anyone is too much concerned should really consult their doctor and talk about the pros and cons of opting for this HCG weight loss program.

HCG Hormone Weight Loss Program & Workouts

Physical activity is the key to prevent unwanted fat storage. It is the first thing anyone would suggest to a dieter. It is widely believed that only physical activity can complement the diet controls to help lose weight. The contrary part of the HCG hormone weight loss program is that no intense workout is necessary. In fact workouts can bring about the tiredness in the body. The workouts helps burn the fat and that part is being done by the HCG hormone and there is no point in overdoing it. Mild walking and taking steps instead of lifts etc may be opted for but intense workouts should not be done while on the 500 calorie diet.

HCG Hormone weight loss program men Vs women

There is no comparison of its effect on men and women. There are no separate programs for the genders. It is just one single program that suits both. Even in the midst of the confusing thoughts, the one fact that is consoling to the confused minds is that, according to some statistics it is the men who have scored more in losing body weight with this hormone than women. After this there should be no doubt that HCG hormone weight loss in men is as safe as that in women.

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