Rosle Coarse Grater Reviews

Rosle Coarse Grater by Rosle

Rosle Products offers maximum performance with timeless design. Rosle’s latest collection, “The Open Kitchen” is creating a benchmark for modern kitchen design. No need to hide cooking utensils and wares in a cabinet or pantry. These collection features a wide selection of wall and cabinet hanging products to allow every kitchen enthusiast to display their stylish 18/10 stainless pieces. In addition, these products uses best materials, carefully manufactured, and leave the premises only after passing a strict quality control. These several design awards wining company introduces a fine Rosle Coarse Grater. Keep reading to know about the Rosle Coarse Grater Reviews, features and more.

Rosle Coarse Grater

Rosle Coarse Grater is highly functional and designed for superior performance. The sharpened cutting edges of this grater are ideal for grating potatoes for a Swiss Roesti dish or any other raw vegetable or fruit needing coarse shredding. Its strong wire frame and smooth functional components combined by laser-welding. Its ergonomically designed wire handle allows you to hang the grater for easy access and match the ‘Open Kitchen’ system. In addition, the stable wire frame silicone feet keep it from slipping on countertops and keep secured to bowls.

Rosle Coarse Grater – Features

  • The sharpened large cutting edges are best for grating potatoes or any other raw vegetable or fruit requiring coarse shredding
  • It features dozen rows of 8 and 7 razor sharp cutting edges
  • 18/10 stainless steel construction is hygienic, offers neutral taste and smell, and provides almost limitless durability.
  • The laser welded wire frame and slicing plate offers increased stability and easy cleaning
  • The perfectly angled and non-slip feet offers stability and allows vertical and horizontal use
  • Its rubber, grooved feet are perfect for propping on bowls or plates
  • Dimensions: Total length: 15.7-in (40 cm), Blade Width: 3.5-in (9 cm), Blade length: 8.5-in (21.5 cm)
  • Weight: 8 ounces
  • Price nearly $40
  • Product Code: 95022
  • This design is award winner by IF, Reddot and Design Plus
  • It comes with Manufacturer’s 5-year warranty
  • This unit is Dishwasher safe.
  • Made in Germany

Rosle Coarse Grater – Where to Buy?

The Rosle Coarse Grater is available online from various sellers like Amazon,,, and many more. Though it’s price around $40, but if you are fortunate you can get coupon code or discounts on the regular price or even free shipping.

Rosle Coarse Grater – Customer Reviews

You will find impressive customer reviews for Rosle Coarse Grater. It has received 4.5 out of 5 stars on Amazon. The only complaint people have is it is very sharp tool and you should grate careful and watch your fingers. Except this people say this is a solid, high quality product, easy to use, made with industrial strength stainless and may last long.

  • Ellie says it gives her more substantial shreds of cheese. The legs hook securely over a bowl, pot or skillet and you just shred the cheese in, easy as pie.
  • Randy finds this tool is a simple design, easy to use and easy to clean.
  • Amatuer Chef says this is more of an industrial cheese grater and the pieces come off a bit larger than his preference. But it is stylish and cleans so easily.
  • Byedith burek was so dissatisfied with this grater that he returned it. After two uses he ended up cutting his index finger and middle finger. Previously, he has used many types of graters, but this was the most awkward and worst designed he ever bought. He says the grater should be sharp, but not so sharp that it’s dangerous to use.
Rosle Coarse Grater

Rosle Coarse Grater

by Rosle 4 out of 5stars (98 Customer Ratings)

Price: $39.95
Rosle Coarse Grater is also useful for firm vegetables, fruits, and soft cheeses

Comfortable & Good Quality

4 stars out of 5 by Patricia for Rosle Coarse Grater

This is well-made, sturdy, extremely stiff and high quality product. Unlike cheaper ones, it does not flex or lose its sharpness.

Rosle Coarse Grater – Conclusion

Rosle Coarse Grater has those perfect features to match all your high expectations and accommodate any modern day kitchen design.