Seamless Face Cradle Covers

Seamless face cradle covers
Seamless Face Cradle Covers
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Seamless face cradle covers is an efficient face cradle design where the cover will not slip over their foreheads which most of the customers hate. The seamless nature of the covers makes it very pleasant for the customers and also does not leave any marks on the face if left for a long time. Seamless Face cradle covers just like the standard fitted ones are made in USA with 100 percent cotton flannels. The Seamless Face cradle covers fit almost all the crescent face rest of all the massage tables. The covers are also washable and are soft which relaxes the customers through the whole massaging process. The covers are elastic in nature thereby it conforms to your face and relieves any extra pressure at one point which helps the customer to relax.

The Seamless Face cradle covers are also available in individual units as well as packs and can be bought according to the need of the user. The quality of the flannel is decided with the weight, height, thickness and the warmth of the linens. The Seamless Face cradle covers are also washable before use and is also easy at it is water friendly. The covers are available in white and natural colors.

Features of the Seamless Face cradle covers

  • The material used for the manufacturing is plied Yarn which is US made.
  • The covers uses soft and light 3 oz. flannel which is double brushed for getting that ultimate comfort for the customers.
  • The elastic which is used in these covers are extra firm no latex elastic which gives a tight fit for all the standard size face cradles.
  • The main manufacturer of Seamless Face cradle covers are Body Linen that comes with Tranquility microfiber which is based in USA.
  • The flannel can be washed easily which makes it easy for the user to keep it clean always and can also experiment a little aroma therapy through the flannels.
Tranquility face cradle massage covers

Caring for Seamless face cradle covers

The flannels should be pre washed separately before using it. The company suggests using of vinegar in cold or warm water through a gentle cycle. As you nape the fabric will extra an extra fuzz in that lint trap for the first couple of washes. Regular use of vinegar reduces the piling and static cling of the flannelette sheets. Flannels sheets and face rests have always been the most primary choice of all the massage professionals for ensuring the ultimate relaxation for their customers. Flannels are mostly 100 % cotton, soft, warm and doesn’t get stained as fast as other fabrics. It is very easy to clean it of in case it is stained lotions, creams and other oils.

The washing technique plays a big role in keeping your sheets intact. It is suggested that in case you have an institutional sized machine for laundering it is highly advised that it should be programmed and also to take help form the chemical provider to create specifically adjusted wash cycles for both used and new flannels.

  • The first wash should be always with the help of vinegar (half cup). This is especially in case the user is using a home sized washing machine regardless if it is front loaded or top loaded. The vinegar prevents the forming of pills on the surface of the sheets. Vinegar also helps in setting the color and also reduces the fading action of the sheets. It should be noted not to add any detergent for washing during this first time.

    Seamless face cradle covers
  • The next important point is to not stuff your washing machine as the increased friction can cause creation of pills on the sheets which can damage the sheets. It should be also noted that too little the load in the washing machine can also cause increased friction.
  • I would suggest hang drying as the mode for drying rather than hard machine drying which can damage the sheets.
  • Next important point to be noted is the detergents which can be used for the next washes succeeding the first one. It should also be noted to avoid fabric softener as it leaves chemical behind that stiffens the sheets and reduces the softness of the flannels.
  • Stains should be removed mildly without resorting to excessive scrubbing as it damages the nature and softness of the sheets. The proper method suggested is putting some water and blotting it with a clean cloth for removal of stains.

Seamless flannel face cradle covers reviews

The price of Seamless flannel cradle covers are affordable and are not skyrocketing. The reviews of Tranquility Microfiber massage face cradle covers are good. People say that it fits the table easily. The variation in colors are fantastic as it prevents from getting stains.

Here are few of the Seamless flannel face cradle covers reviews.

Thomas N – “Fits the standard face cradle with fleece cover just right. The dark color is great to prevent any stains. No shrink even after multiple washes. Will be buying again.”

Seamless Face cradle covers is a new model of the face cradle cover which avoids the seams which held the flannels at place and is fitted with elastic for suiting itself to the face structure of the customer. To conclude I would say that seamless cradle face covers is a must try for all the massage professionals as the relaxing experience is significant for the success of a massage professional.

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