Shimano BR R550: Strong and easy Cantilever Bike Brakes

Shimano Handlebar Bicycle Lever Set

Buy Shimano Brake Lever Set for flat handle bar road type that comes with excellent caliper brakes.

Shimano BR R550 are strong aluminium made Cantilever bike brakes. The Shimano BR R550 are a breeze to set up on your bikes and they would work well on any bike. Mountain bikes may need a little tightening. Cantilever bikes are known to get squeaky and are known to vibrate after some use. But this brake have no such evils.

The arms are quite stiff which keeps the cantilever brake system strong and in optimal condition for a longer period of time. The main power of the Shimano BR R550 are given to the pads. The pads of the Shimano BR R550 are cassette type which is the type used in really expensive rough bikes. The aluminium build and quality are good and strong.

Shimano BR R550 Expensive Aluminium Made Cantilever Bike Brake

When your use the brakes be careful to tighten or loosen the brakes according to the terrain in which you plan to use them. Keep the pads in good condition by properly sandpapering them once in a while. They are nicely polished and all the brake cables are neatly tucked in. The Shimano BR R550 has a shoe setup which is as easy as a V-brake. They have a great feel of strength.


You can also adjust the Shimano BR R550 cantilever brakes at different drags for the front and rear wheels. Brakes are those parts of your bike that you shouldn’t take risks about, especially if you like rough rides and mountain paths. They are finely finished, they do not rattle or cut into your cables. The brakes have great stopping power and they work well on any bikes. The Shimano BR R550 cantilever brakes will ensure your safety when it comes to any type of road (or no-road).

Give they brakes the importance they deserve as they can prolong your bikes lives (and yours).

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