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Choose from a wide range of Violife UV Sanitizer products such as toothbrush that beats germs and maintains perfect dental health.

Sonic Toothbrush Sterilizers help you have clean teeth and after that, a clean toothbrush. Tooth brushes, being wet most of their life and some in the open air, can host a lot of germs.

Germs like E. Coli, fecal coli-form, streptococcus etc that are just rubbing their (imaginary) hands waiting to gain access into your warm and precious body to raise their little (or millions of) germ families. Now, we don’t want that do we? The sonic toothbrushes can keep your teeth clean.

Sonic Toothbrush Sterilizers Features

The sonic toothbrush sterilizer are for the battery operated sonic toothbrushes that rapidly clean your teeth. These work with UV lights that are known germ killers. UV lights are used in hospitals. Food preparation, water treatment plants, salons and many other clean places in the world. The reason for the cleanliness are the UV lights which are sterilizers. The UV lights are made into small tech products such as the Sonic toothbrush sterilizers to be used at home. This help keep you and your family healthy.

At specific wavelength of 254nm UV has a very harmful effect on germs and making them completely harmless. The Violight guys took this job very seriously and went straight to the pros in Microbiology and Immunology. They decided to test the toothbrushes from homes that use the Violight products like the sonic toothbrush sterilizer and found it proved the obvious. They were dead clean (well almost, a 99.9% success)!


The sonic toothbrush sterilizers come in different varieties as well. There are counter top models that charge your sonic toothbrushes and you can pop them into the sterilizer to bede-germed as well. There are rocky sonic toothbrush sterilizers that rock! They clean your toothbrush and you can play with them as well. There are on the go sonic tooth brush sterilizers that can be used while traveling and when you are planning to stay away from home for a while. They work he same and you will have your easy sonic tooth brushes cleaned anywhere you are.


Tooth brush health is turning out to be much more important than we thought and it is best to stay ahead of times and avoid diseases.

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