Why Soundproof Hotel Rooms are gaining Attention

Last week, The Park Sheraton hotel in Chennai, India came up with one innovative idea to make things different for their guests. A sound proof room for the best of the guests. People visiting the Sheraton are known to be of the business class and often carry work with them while at stay. The noise and pollution which comes with the city are often a distraction for many people. Not just about the honking horns while at work but many complain of the lack of sleep while they are staying in the posh hotel in Chennai. The sound proof idea seems to be one of the great ideas for people who live in a Hotel room costing over $200 a day.

The sound proof room which is designed is perfectly normal with all sounds from the external room barred. No noise of traffic and surely no way to know if there were blaring horns right outside the room. The Air conditioned rooms are fully equipped with a mini bar and also has all the other facilities which come with it. A perfect addition for people who are into the music field, the Soundproofing system is far more expensive than what is usually available at a fraction of a cost. Audimute acoustic soundproofing has a material which can be easily fixed to the wall to provide the same effect but Sheraton claims a far more sophisticated system which has a 98% noise reduction.

With over $3000 spent on a these luxurious rooms, we could say that the stay is quite nominal for most people who can afford it. Next time you visit the Sheraton in India, be sure to pick up some of the sound proof rooms for a calmer, silent stays. These rooms can simply be giving you the best business experience ever and surely, this is an experience you wouldn’t want to miss.

The best features of a Sound proof hotels are yet to come. With more hotels coming up with features like a home theater and a full featured music area, there is little to imagine about what is possible. Check out the latest in disco’s and other party zones and you will see more than half already have sound proof rooms to accommodate the guests. This avoids a lot of disturbance for people outside in residential areas and can avoid complains which ruin businesses. With sound proof panels coming at an affordable cost today, there are businesses jumping into the opportunity of getting the best features for themselves.

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