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Soundproof panels

A soundproof hotel room with good sound insulation will get more customers than that lacking it.Hotel is a place where there will be more people around and they are in constant motion. There will be someone or the other in the corridors or checking in to the other room. This commotion can be disturbing to the occupants of the other rooms. Rread on to know how audimute soundproofing system works.

Soundproof Hotel Room Walls with Audimute Acoustic Panels

Most of the luxurious hotels uses soundproofing systems these days, to provide quieter and silent environment to their customers. These systems has been a great relief to the people sitting at the reception as well, for they don’t have to any more listen to the complaints of the customers about noise disturbances. The customers are also relieved, as the outer chaos does not reach their rooms and they can enjoy their stay peacefully.

What is Audimute Soundproofing?

Soundproofing systems are designed to reduce the intensity of the sound. It restraints the sound from incoming and outgoing, i.e the noise outside the room won’t affect the inside of the rooms and the sound from the inside of the rooms won’t reach the outside. The soundproofing systems are also called as ‘Noise Barriers’, as they stand as a barrier between the place and the noise. Insulation, Damping, Absorption, Insulation and Active noise control are the various methods that are currently in use for soundproofing. Soundproofing can be done during the time of construction or after the construction as well.

Audimute Products used for Hotel Sound Proofing

Today in the market the sound proofing products are gaining popularity due to their efficiency and effectiveness. The following are some of the products used in soundproofing hotel rooms.

  • Soundproofing Barriers
  • Soundproofing insulation
  • Sound Isolation
  • Flooring Underlayment

Sound travels in waves, when these waves via air hit an obstruction for say a wall of the room, the obstruction vibrates, this leads the air present on the other side of the obstruction to vibrate, thus transferring the sound from this side of the wall to the other side. The soundproofing materials deflects the sound waves. Walls, floors, ceilings, doors everything can be soundproofed.

The noise from the side rooms and the rooms above, the noise coming form the hallway way irritates the room inmates, now with the help of soundproofing materials you can get rid off from all these noises. By soundproofing their hotel rooms hotel owners can prevent themselves from customer dissatisfaction due to noise and from loosing their customers. If a customer is not satisfied with the stay in the hotel, the chances are high that the person won’t be returning to the hotel again and won’t be suggesting it to anyone else.

For sound proofing the floors various types of soundproof mats or soundproof tiles can be used, soundproofing the floor will prevent the sound to travel to the below rooms. For the ceilings soundproof ceiling panels can be used and for the walls acoustic plaster boards, soundproof wall panels, soundproofing curtain etc. can be used.

Not only in hotels, now a days soundproofing is being used in studios, houses, theaters and offices as well.

Why should you soundproof your hotel?

Audimute soundproofing

Hotels are the first and important place that needs some soundproofing. People check in to the hotel rooms to have a peaceful night’s sleep and the noises from across the corridor, or the next room from that of upstairs can be disturbing and annoying. With the constant and regular activities in the hotels the walls need to be soundproofed when they are constructed. Since there is a possibility of every room being occupied the noise from every one of them can be terrible. Sound proofing the walls is the first step. The carpets on the floor absorb a good amount of sound but that will require an additional support of some sound isolation sheets as well.

The hotels with bars and restaurants where there will be late night occupants will need soundproofing done in the bars and restaurants also. The wall, floor and if needed ceilings are also insulated with soundproofing materials. The corridors walls are insulated with some audio acoustic panels and put the dry wall over it. These layers will help in reducing the sound. The wall studs are also used.

How does Audimute soundproofing really work?

The sound proofing is done in two ways, sound absorption, or complete sound insulation. Sound travels as waves and when it hits any solid surface some of the energy is dispersed and more the disturbances lesser will be the resulting sound. This is why the hotel walls are constructed in layers and has separate insulation’s for each room. The space between will absorb some amount of sound. Certain sound dampening materials kept in the room can reduce the sound and fewer sound waves will travel through the walls. The more the blockage is less will be the sound. sound insulators makes complete barriers of sound and o amount of sound waves can travel through it making the room or the area complete soundproof. No sound will travel from either side of the room.

Audimute soundproofing acoustic panels reviews

So far, the Audimute acoustic panels reviews have been positive.

  • Zach Y – “High quality soundproofing equipment. I got a few acoustic panels for my home theatre set up. Makes a difference in the world. Looking forward to soundproofing my base next.”
  • Steve – “I have a recording studio and needed acoustic products to control sound. After looking several companies, I was very grateful to find Audimute. The bass traps and acoustic panels work so well and are eco-safe. They not only look great but is a breeze to setup. The advice I got from customer care was fantastic. I spoke to Mallory and her manner over the phone is a reflection of the company’s integrity.”

Things to Note when you install Audimute soundproofing acoustic panels

Sound proofing is done according to the need and the type of the room. Putting on a false ceiling helps to prevent the sound waves from travelling through them. Subflooring also helps. There are acoustic sheets and curtains available that can absorb a good amount of sound. They can be hung on the windows and doors. The window sound absorption materials are not so important unless the rooms face the road. The soundproofing is effective according to the type of insulation and the materials used. Complete soundproofing is not possible unless sound insulators are used.

Soundproofing among hotels is now becoming a priority.

Controlling the noise in a hotel room is a very crucial aspect in a hotel business as the comfort of the customers are the primary aim of a hotel owner and one of the major problem which can arise is the noise which gets through into the room. This problem has to be addressed with adequate care for retaining a customer.

SRS (Sound Reduction System) is a popular choice among hotel management for controlling the noise levels of the rooms. Hotel rooms can be sharing walls with the bar or the restaurants and this makes it important for making the walls soundproof for the maintaining peace in rooms. The soundproofing should be done to the walls and floors as sounds have the capability to enter from beneath as well.

How to soundproof the rooms

Sound proofing can be done with the use of acoustics the best mode being installing it at the time of construction. There are two main aspects in soundproofing the rooms. They are:

  • Sound proofing the walls of the room: The walls and any opening should be taken care for making its soundproof. There are many materials in the market which can be used for absorbing the sounds. The user can have two options in the way of soundproofing and sound absorbing. The user can use products like acoustic sheets and stylish acoustic panels for blocking the sounds entering the walls. Insulating materials placed inside the walls can help in soundproofing the room.
  • Sound proofing the floor: Now that the walls are taken care of next point of entry of noise is through the walls. The floors can be fixed with acoustic sheets which will block the noises arising from the below the apartments. There are many companies which provide excellent soundproofing materials of various sorts which can be used.
  • Gaps: Now this is the point which should be addressed to get complete insulation of the sounds. Sounds enter through gaps in the apartment like windows, ventilation and other gaps which can be there. This can be addressed by fixing sound proofing materials along the gaps which can be available with any soundproof material dealers.

Sound proof Hotel Rooms is an important and at many times an underestimated factor in a hotel business and should be given due importance.

Why to buy Audimute Soundproofing Acoustic Panels?

Soundproof hotel rooms before your guests walk out…!!! Its quite common. There are many among us who complain about noise when they are staying at a hotel. Be it the noise next room, be it the sound of wiping and scrubbing the floors by cleaning staff…simple reasons are enough to make a hotel lose their customers.

If you are an owner, you must know how vital it is to Soundproof your hotel rooms. Apart from what people think, it is quite affordable to Soundproof hotel rooms. Some of the benefits that have seen when you Soundproof hotel rooms are:

  • improves the quality of sound in a conference room, convention hall etc.
  • lesser complaints from customers which will definitely work out for your benefit
  • creating a peaceful and cozy place for your guests so that when they tell others will increase the outlook of your hotel

There are many ways to Soundproof hotel rooms but they will literally buran a hole in your pocket. One of the simplest ways to Soundproof hotel rooms is by using products that are quite affordable but also give your hotel a luxurious look. Audimute soundproofing is one such company that provides many acoustic solution sheets, acoustic panels etc.

These acoustic sheets and panels that soundproof hotel rooms are made with quality made materials and absorb sound quickly. They are quite easy to install and can be done even without specialists. Audimute soundproofing support the green way of manufacturing products and thus their products, especially sheets are made out of recycled paper into cellulose fibers unlike fiberglass products which are harmful for the environment.

To soundproof hotel rooms, I cannot recommend anything better than audimute soundproofing for a simple fact that they have an NRC of 1.00. This is one of the features that other soundproofing companies and product lack. They are assembled in USA and comes in high quality design that looks great with any arena. The panels come in varied designs and styles that look like a work of art and also does the job of keeping the tone down.

The best part is you can throw in your area (room size) in the website and audimute soundproofing will give you a free room analysis of how sound proofing will work for you along with the product that is best recommended for you.

Bottomline, to soundproof hotel rooms, you cant find anything better than audimute soundproofing that too at an affordable price and uncompromised quality. At least its worth a shot.

With holiday tourism and business travel on the increase every year, comfort, cleanliness and friendly staff are not the only qualities that guests look for in hotels. Many of them are insisting on noise free rooms to get a good nights sleep after hectic travel or work. Noise come from various sources in cities. It could be from religious prayer calls, bars, carnivals etc. Late night or early morning noise disturbances can be quite annoying when you are trying to sleep after a late night flight or work. Some cities like Cairo and Tokyo are notoriously noisy. Even top floors in high rise hotels are not free from these noises.

Often hotel owners spend a lot of money building beautiful rooms but fail to soundproof their rooms. Some depend on architects for soundproofing, but using outdated techniques will make them ineffective. Soundproofing is now being given priority, especially after feedback from customers. Many hotels use triple-paned windows, extra-thick walls and cork floor layers to block noises. From a number of reviews given by customers, most of the rooms are not 100% soundproof. Soundproofing experts are required to test all available soundproofing materials and to choose the right product for the different needs in hotels.

Many top hotels have now started soundproofing their rooms but have kept the styles of soundproofing a propriety secret. Choosing a quiet neighborhood to build hotels also helps. Trademark Soundproofing has suggested some points to consider while building new hotels to make them soundproof. They have researched soundproofing in many hotels and come to the following conclusion. Some of the points to keep in mind are,

  • Two Sub floors can be made during the framing process , especially for wooden floors. This controls sound between two floors.
  • Resilient sound clips are available which can be used on the ceilings to block sound
  • Double walls with frames can be used on walls between rooms and hallway. They should not touch each other. If this method is not affordable or if there is an issue with space, resilient sound clips can be used on one side of the wall. Then all outlets should be covered with acoustical caulk and cavities should be filled with thick fiberglass insulation. Thick fiberglass insulation with 2 layers of 5/8” thick drywall on both sides with green glue damping compound between the layers is also recommended. The sides are all sealed with acoustical chalk. This method is very effective and about 50% cheaper.
  • For walls to the outside, insulation, double drywall with green glue in between is used.
  • For door, solid core heavy doors can be used. The door frames are sealed before installing door moldings. Other necessities are automatic door bottoms and door gaskets.
  • For windows, two sets of windows can be installed leaving a large gap between them, else a double pane window with laminate glass can be used. Window covering can be used, which can be closed by the guests.

Different hotels across the United States are using different ways of soundproofing using experts and materials from various companies. One of the mid range hotels, Americinn based in Minnesota has used a technology called SoundGuard in 213 of its hotels. This is a construction material where masonry blocks with sound-deadening foam and a drywall that is 5/8 inches thick are used to make the rooms soundproof. Various hotels have created quiet zones with Audimute acoustic panels and made many modification to make them soundproof like using double-paned windows, noise reducing door gaskets thicker walls and quiet models of electrical gadgets to reduce noise.

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