Sunny Health And Fitness Indoor Cycling Bike SF-B1203

Sunny Health & Fitness indoor cycling bike

Sunny Health & Fitness indoor cycling bike is one economical investment to the fitness regime.

An indoor cycling bike could give you a low impact high-powered workout. It is designed to work the same as a road bike, with the only difference that it is stationary. The Sunny Health & Fitness indoor cycling bike has all the benefits as of an indoor bike to keep you in shape and fit.

It is a convenience for the busy bodies that hardly get time to spend at a gym. This cycling bike will be challenging work for them to try when they get a little bit of time at home.

Benefits of indoor cycling

  • It is one low impact workout that can be done by anyone with not much endurance for physical workouts. It can be easily part of a rehabilitation session. It affects the hips, knee, and the joints of the ankle to have a positive impact. There are fewer chances of getting injury than other exercises or equipment’s.
  • The indoor cycling bike can be a stress buster. It provides the same amount of adrenaline that you would get after a run.
  • It has a better endurance of the muscles and also helps in improving cardiovascular health. It can maintain the heart rate and lowers the artery diseases.
  • It is a great calorie burner that can burn as much as 500 calories with a 45-minute session. The vigorous you can ride the more calories that you burn.
  • It is as good as a full body exercise with the muscles of the legs, hands, and the abdominal areas moving.

Features of Sunny Health & Fitness indoor cycling bike

  • This indoor cycling bike works quiet and smooth.
  • It is easy to use and highly effective with the results.
  • The resistance of the bike is adjustable to set where you need it. You can adjust the resistance with the help of a knob.
  • The flywheel is 22 pounds with a heavy duty crank and a frame made of steel.
  • The chain mechanism that runs the bike work smooth while you workout. It goes in both directions, forward or backward.
  • The seat is comfortable and height adjustable to suit you. You can also place a gel seat over it for more comfort.
  • There is a small monitor that displays the speed you are riding at, the distance you have travelled, pulse, time, ODO, calories burnt, and scan. The monitor works on alkaline battery power. Hit the scan to set which reading you want to see on the monitor.
  • The Sunny Health & Fitness indoor cycling bike can carry a weight is 240 pounds on it.
  • The total dimensions are 57 x 26 x 45.5 in length, width, and height. The weight of the equipment would be 65 pounds.
  • The cycling bike comes half assembled. You will have to fix the handles, seat, rails, and other smaller details once you receive it.

Pros and Cons of Sunny Health & Fitness indoor cycling bike

The pros are the durability, easy to assemble feature, adjustable and comfortable seats, and compact design. It works real quiet.

On the negative side are that,

  • There is no holder to have a water bottle nearby
  • Many users find that the calorie information is faulty many times.
  • It feels a lot heavier than it seems.
  • The display does not show all the features at the same time.
  • The spiky pedals require you to wear shoes anytime you workout.

Customer reviews

The majority of the customers have rated it above average. The negative remarks each find are different. The overall feel is that this indoor cycling bike is a great use. The compact size, weight capacity and seat adjustability stands out. The 90 days warranty has also got thumbs up.

The comfort of the seat was a challenge to many. What one user did was to get a seat cover and a pair of padded shorts. After that, the seat does not bother much even after an hour on the bike.

Corey reviews it as an above average bike. It works fine with no major problems. She says it is a good investment.

Another user places it as a great beginner bike with no fuss no mess.

Bottom Line

Sunny Health & Fitness indoor cycling bike is one economical investment to the fitness regime. It works fairly well and does not cost you much. If you are looking for a sturdy, decent, and durable indoor cycle, this is the one for you. All, a child or an adult, easily use it. Adjust it in the way you need and start riding to see the calories burnt and getting you back in shape with nor much investment and efforts.

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