Tennis Tutor Prolite Reviews

Tennis Tutor Prolite

The Tennis Tutor Prolite enables you to connect an external battery to have an extended period of practice. It can be easily used by a beginner or a professional player, with the react time of only 1.5 seconds.

Tennis Tutor Prolite is a tennis ball machine that is professional and compact. It is light weighted and one of the finest portable tennis ball machines. This machine is available as working in AC as well as battery powered. The machine could be opted to have an oscillator to have the ball thrown in all directions and in other choices like spin control etc.

You can open the hopper at the top and fill in the balls as many as 125 balls at a time. The ball feed rate is adjustable to suits a beginner to a professional.

Features of Tennis Tutor prolite

  • As mentioned earlier, the Tennis Tutor Prolite has the option to have an oscillator and that must be chosen while you purchase. The oscillator can be kept on or off as required. There is a switch controlling the same.
  • The oscillator works randomly and not always when the option is chosen. This allows some real practice. The oscillator can provide full court oscillation to have the player running all over the court.
  • The ball speed from the tennis Tutor Prolite is variable and changes from 10-60 mph.
  • The time gap between each ball can be kept from 10 seconds to as short as less than 2 seconds.
  • The ball machine has a small start up time that allows the player to get to the position and be ready.
  • The ball trajectory is adjustable manually from lob to groundstroke.
  • When the battery operated machine is chosen, the battery usually runs for 3 hours of play. The machine will be equipped with a battery indicator to let you know when the battery is about to go.
  • The battery can be recharged overnight. The battery can stand for 500-1000 recharging before it needs a replacement. It is made with safety features like auto shut off when fully charged to avoid over charging.
  • The height of the ball machine is 12 inches. The overall dimensions are 12 x 19.5 x 18 inches. It weighs about 30 pounds only. The battery operated machine is 29 pounds and the AC powered is 22 pounds in weight.

Optional accessories for Tennis Tutor Prolite

The Tennis Tutor Prolite enables you to connect an external battery to have an extended period of practice. The external battery could allow another few hours of play. The external battery pack is available for purchase along with the ball machine. The battery comes in a nylon carrying case with its charger.

The external AV power supply is also available for the continuous working of the machine, when needed.
A protective cover vinyl cover is also available to cover the machine. The cover fits snugly and protects the machine from dust, water, and rain when not in use.

Which one should I buy?

There are many options for the Tennis Tutor Prolite ball machine. There is the basic model with all the basic features except the oscillator. The other options are the battery operated machine, AC powered machine etc. the oscillator comes into the picture in these models which are slightly higher in features than the basic one.
There is no spin option for the ball in the Prolite models. You can get the spin option with the Prolite Plus model.

Using tips

  • Start using the tennis Tutor Prolite with used balls. It needs some break-in period. Do not use new balls during this time. The coating on the new balls could leave its coating on the ball throwing wheels.
  • The machine can throw the used balls faster than the new balls.
  • It is also not good to have mixed balls with both new and old balls. It would create inconsistent ball throwing.
  • Recharge the battery immediately after every use. Do not let the machine take rest without enough power inside.
  • While transporting, remove all the balls, and close the lid properly to have the handle visible.
  • Do not store the ball machine in the car trunk where it can get heated. Store it in a cool and dry place away from heat.
  • Clean the machine after every 100 hours of working. You will need to clean the ball throwing wheels to remove dirt and dust. Use a coarse sandpaper of 40-60 grade, to clean the wheels. Use a cloth to clean the case with no chemicals.
Tennis Tutor Prolite

Tennis Tutor Prolite

by 4 out of 5stars (154 Customer Ratings)

Price: $699
This small and portable tennis ball machine can be used with adjustable speed for the ball while coming out.

Easy use for beginners

4 stars out of 5 by Anthony for Tennis Tutor Prolite

The versatility in the strokes from forehand, backhand, volley etc makes this a complete professional ball machine.

Tennis Tutor Prolite reviews

  • Anthony from Douglasvilla says that this is a great ball machine that allowed the players to identify their mistakes and also provide a wider range of stroke play. The machine kept working for almost 3 hours with battery life left in it.
  • John has the opinion that the Tennis Tutor Prolite machine has better service and pricing in comparison with other tennis ball machines.


The Tennis Tutor Prolite could cost about $700 depending on the model and features. It is widely available online from various sports stores. The machine comes ready to use and with a user manual to know how to operate the machine. It can be easily used by a beginner or a professional player, with the react time of only 1.5 seconds.

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