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Evening Surprise by Terry Redlin

The Evening Surprise is one of the popular paintings of Terry Redlin, who is a well known artist.

Christmas is almost here. I am sure you are still undecided about the gift for many isn’t it? Well, here are a few options that make a wonderful gift for art lovers.
These items are daily use properties that make an excellent gift for this season. These are all art work done by the famous artist Terry Redlin. The gifts include the specific painting of Terry Redlin Evening Surprise Pheasants.

This paining is recreated and printed on canvas that is then added to various furniture types and also on canvas. There are many options for you to choose from.

About Terry Redlin

Terry Redlin is a well know artist who has also been the awarded as the most popular artist of America. He mostly paints with earthy colors, sunrise or sunsets with all the nostalgic themes of the country side. He also works on the wildlife also.

All of his works are wonderful and many of them making into the popularity charts. Other than being just a painting or art work, his paintings are reprinted on various gift items and furniture.

Terry Redlin Evening Surprise

The Evening Surprise is one of the popular paintings of Terry Redlin. The picture depicts a dramatic scene on a corn field where the farmer has a small contest with some ring necked pheasants. It is fall evening time where the birds take a temporary residence. The scene is rich with the evening colors and vibrant with the red-yellow-orange combination.

Evening Surprise as surprise gifts

The very same Terry Redlin Evening Surprise is reprinted on canvas to adorn the various furniture types. This furniture are available from Kelsleys in the form of foyer table, book cabinet, wine cabinet, wine rack, lodge box, and pedestal stand.

Pheasant foyer table Evening Surprise by Terry Redlin: This foyer table is made of pure pine wood. It measures to 34 x 33 in height and width. This has thick corners with metal hardware. It is also easily assembled. The art work will be on the side that you prefer.

Redlin Pheasant boon cabinet called Evening Surprise: This book cabinet will have the Evening Surprise print on both the side panels. The size of the cabinet is 34 x 22 x 11.5 inches, with 3 shelves with 2 of them adjustable. There are options to ass extra shelf, drawers or wine rack to it.

Terry Redlin wine cabinet– 15 bottle Evening Surprise can accommodate 15 wine bottles and a full set of wine glasses. The bottles stay on the 3 shelves. The art work would be printed on both the side panels. The wood used is New Zealand pine. The art works in printed on canvas and then treated to withstand the UV rays and has anti-fading effects.

Other Features

Pheasant wine rack with Evening Surprise can hold up to 25 wine bottles. The wood is pine and the art work is on canvas. It is treated to have better longevity and will not fade upon expose to sun. It is glued to the panels and inserted into the frames for a sturdy look.

Terry Redlin Lodgebox- Evening Surprise has the art printed on to the lodgebox. The lodgebox has the art work on 3 sides of it except the back side. It has a dimension of 48 x 19 x 20 inches.

Pedestal stand has got the art piece on either side on the panels. It has 4 shelves that are adjustable. it is made of pine wood and measure to 34 x 11 x 11 inches.

Terry Redlin Collector Plates

Indulge in collector plates that is made using fine porcelain. The classic scenes are recreated artistically by Redlin. Highlight with 23K gold rim, it comes with 8-1/4″ diameter. It comes with Certificate of Authenticity that is printed on all plates. It is NOT recommended for food purposes. Also, lookup Terry Redlin Farm Prints available at best price.

Bottom Line

Terry Redlin Evening Surprise is also seen as wall art work and also printed on various other items as well. But having them on the furniture is unique way of display. It makes a beauty out of the piece and also enhances the art work.

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