Throat Gold

Canine or kennel cough is contagious and first step towards the treatment of this condition is to keep your pet away from other animals. In sudden and worse cases of canine coughs anti inflammatory medicines can be administered to give relief to the dogs.

Throat Gold is a natural remedy for the throat infections in dogs. The saliva of dogs is usually enough to prevent the infections in the throat. The acidic nature of their saliva can kill most of the pathogens. But for some reason, if the dog’s immunity is compromised, the throat infections could pop up easily.

While the drugs and medications would only kill the pathogens and put a stop to the infections, Throat Gold will help in not only improving the infections but can also help boost the immunity of the pets. Throat Gold is a natural preparation made of herbal extracts that offer a holistic approach to the treatment is also a safe option against the chemical drugs.

Throat infections in dogs

As mentioned, most throat infections in dogs arise as secondary to other infections. Usually, respiratory infections, injuries in the oral cavity, other illnesses to kidneys or liver or in the worst case, autoimmune problem, are the major causes of throat infection in dogs.

Symptoms of throat problems in dogs

  • Over drooling
  • Lack of appetite
  • Difficulty swallowing the food
  • Showing pain while swallowing
  • Frequent swallowing
  • Fever
  • Coughing and sneezing
  • Discharges from the mouth
  • Bad breath

Throat Gold and throat infections

Throat Gold is an herbal preparation that is used in various aspects. It relieves the symptoms, cures the infection, and boosts the immunity so that the dog does not have to face the problem frequently. It relieves the problem without causing any side effects. Unlike the usual antibiotics, it does not affect the digestive system of the pets. Instead, it helps to strengthen the health in any way that matters. Throat Gold makes a wonderful alternative medicine for the dogs to get relief from the throat infection which is also known as tonsillitis or pharyngitis.

Throat Gold ingredients

  • Wild cherry bark can relieve coughing in dogs, especially the dry cough. It relieves the lungs from the pressure of constant coughing.
  • Mullein leaf is an expectorant that relieves coughing. It can reduce inflammation and reduce the pain. It can also heal the respiratory infections if any and is soothing to the throat. The antibacterial property of this extract can kill the pathogenic bacteria and eliminates the infection.
  • Usnea thallus: Usnea is a lichen that possesses antibiotic property. It has immune stimulating compounds that strengthen the natural immunity of the dogs.
  • Pelargonium root has the ability to strengthen the lung health. It has been used for lung immunity and works well for the dogs also.
  • Hyssop herb is another herb that is good for the lungs or respiratory stream. It strengthens the trachea to ease the pain and pressure in this area after the constant coughing. The coughing can have its damage done on the trachea, which is repaired with this herb.
  • Slippery Elm bark has got a high content of mucous that soothes the throat. It can relieve coughs and removes the phlegm. This ingredient can reduce inflammation and lubricates the throat and digestive system. It is also good for the upper respiratory system.
  • Licorice root has anti-inflammatory property. It reduces inflammation that is associated with bronchitis.
  • Chinese Skullcap root is used as a pain reliever. It can also influence the immune system to work better and support lungs. It has effects on the nervous system and calms the dog.
  • Ginger rhizome has anti-inflammatory properties. It is an immune booster and works wonders on the digestion as well.
  • Propolis resin is another of the immune booster that has direct effects on the functioning of the lungs and throat health.

Usage directions of Throat Gold for dogs

Throat Gold is made in liquid form. You need to administer the specific number of drops twice a day to get the best results. The exact number of drops depends on the weight of the dog.

The base dosage is 1 drop for every 2 lb weight of the dog for up to 50 lbs. for the heavier dogs, give an additional drop for every extra 4 lbs.

Throat Gold comes in a bottle that has an attached dropper. The contents of the bottle must be shaken well before measuring the liquid. The opened bottle need not be refrigerated. It can be kept at room temperature.


  • Do not administer Throat Gold to pregnant dogs and to dogs that are nursing their little ones or are breeding.
  • Throat Gold may not go well with cardiac medications and steroids.
  • It is meant as a temporary relief and not to be used for long term. If the symptoms do not improve after 2 days, consult the vet immediately.
  • Do not administer Throat Gold without consulting with the vet. The symptoms of throat infections are common with other problems also. You need to have a correct diagnosis before starting the treatment.
  • Do not give this remedy for dogs that are known to be allergic to bee stings. Propolis resin is taken from beehives and it might cause allergy to the pets.

Other things to know about Throat Gold

Throat Gold is useful for treating throat infections, of course. It is also useful for treating the hoarseness in the throat caused by the leash strain. Basically, it supports the upper respiratory system and eliminates any infections in this part. It soothes the infection and inflammation and promotes the healthy tissue maintenance.

It is useful for those dogs that are exposed to cigarette smoke, living in poorly ventilated rooms etc. These dogs have higher chances of getting throat infections and airborne infections. Throat Gold helps improve the good health of these dogs.

Throat Gold reviews

  • Rebecca- I am grateful for this product that it saved my 15 yr old Terrier. Her bad coughs were treated within a few days. I give her 8 drops of Throat Gold mixed with honey. She still coughs but uncontrollably.
  • Throat Gold has helped my Chihuahua with its collapsed trachea. The symptoms were relieved within 6 days. I add the drops in his wet food. It is easy to administer with the bacon taste to it.”
  • Becky-“it worked for my pet within a week. It made the cough coming occasional and my doggy is feeling good. It is a great product!”

The user reviews show that the Throat Gold works well for the dogs. The positive results were seen within a span of few days in most of the cases. Mainly it has reduced the coughing and the infections came down and their pets have improved a lot.

The product comes in bottles of 2 oz of 59 ml that is enough to last for a month in most cases unless the dog is available 50 lbs in weight.

Where to buy Throat Gold for dogs?

Throat Gold for dogs can be bought from the manufacturers Pet Wellbeing. Their store offers the product at a discounted rate. You get more discounts with more number of bottles in a purchase.

You can also buy it from Amazon and other online stores. But the availability may be subjected to the stock.
The product comes with a 90-day money back guarantee.


Throat Gold for dogs is a dog cough medicine. This is a natural remedy that has more powers than just being a cough remedy. It ensures that the dog gets a healthier upper respiratory system and reduces the chances of frequent infections with a strengthened immunity.