Thyroid Support Gold for cats

Thyroid Support Gold

Thyroid Support Gold is a natural supplement that balances the spiked up thyroid hormone and calms down the overactive function of the thyroid gland.

Hyperactive thyroid in cats is a condition called hyperthyroidism that is commonly seen in middle-aged and older felines. If you are looking for natural remedies for overactive thyroid in cats, then Thyroid Support Gold might be a healthy alternative to prescription medications. This is our review.

What is Thyroid Support Gold for cats?

Hyperthyroidism is often caused by excess circulation of the thyroxine in the bloodstream – the thyroid hormone also known as T4. Symptoms include

  • Weight loss
  • Increased appetite
  • Poor coat quality
  • Excess thirst
  • Increase in urine
  • Occasional vomiting or diarrhea
  • Irritative behavior
  • Yowling

At times, you will also note hyperactive behavior and increased heart beat rate. They will feel lethargic and feel uninterest in grooming or playing. If you are noticing any of these symptoms, then your cat must be dealing with hyperthyroidism.

Of course, there are conventional treatments where oral medication are provided to balance the thyroid level. But then there are side effects to such prescription drugs.

There are many cat hyperthyroidism supplements available online but Thyroid Support Gold is one such solution that can offer immense benefits without any adverse reactions or surgery.

Thyroid Support Gold is a natural supplement that balances the spiked up thyroid hormone and calms down the overactive function of the thyroid gland. The active herb ingredients target the thyroid hormones, the central nervous system while boosting the immune system.

A product from Pet Wellbeing, it has FDA-registered manufacturing facilities in US and Canada that undergo severe quality checks for its potency and quality. All the supplements manufactured by Pet Wellbeing comply with FDA Center for Veterinary Medicine Guidelines (CVM) which means that the supplements and the caution statements fall under the scope of safety guidelines.

How does Thyroid Support Gold for cats really work?

The thyroid gold supplement targets the overactive thyroid gland and alleviates over function of thyroxine. Toxic chemicals and other environmental conditions suppress the immune system. This product stimulates the immune system while increasing the metabolism level as well.

As the metabolic rate increases, you will notice that your cat is having a healthy appetite, thirst and body weight. Even the skin and coat are much more soft and healthy. It also controls the nervous system by calming your pet’s senses and regulating the heart beat (especially in hyperactive cats). Within few days, you will see that they are much happier, playful, and sleep better than before.

The ingredients of thyroid support gold are gentle yet safe and effective on the body. They do not cause any adverse reactions and work naturally to provide balanced thyroid hormone levels.

Thyroid Support Gold For Cat Hyperthyroidism Ingredients

Here are the active ingredients of thyroid support gold. The ingredients are wild-harvested and certified organic so you can be assured of its efficacy.

  • Heal All fruit spike – also called Self Heal, this small herb is still used as part of Chinese traditional medicine. It supports healthy thyroid balance and is currently grown widely in North America.
  • Bugleweed herb – an excellent amphoteric herb, it is powerful to stabilize the hyperactive hormone and bring it to the normal level.
  • Mayblossom (Crataegus laevigata) – boosts the blood flow to the vital organs such as heart, brain etc. It is also an excellent vasodilator that prevents any build up in arterial walls.
  • Motherwort herb – has dual properties to support both the heart and nervous system. It also has a key role in improving peaceful sleep behavior.
  • Skullcap herb – tones down any aggressive temperament and induces peaceful sleep. It also supports healthy blood pressure levels.
  • Wild Oat Seed – high in minerals, it relaxes the nervous system and prevents any spike in thyroid hormone levels.
  • Lemon Balm – maintains normal range of thyroid hormones while supporting healthy nervous system.
  • Amalaki (Amla) fruit – this Asian tree contains natural vitamin C, crucial for healthy thyroid function.

Dosage and Directions

Thyroid support gold is available in a tincture formula for easy absorption. Administer the supplement orally twice a day. Give one drop for every 2lb (1kg) of body weight. The product comes with a delicious bacon flavor which your cat will love.


The product is not recommended for cats suffering from hypothyroidism i.e. low thyroid function. Do not use this product on pregnant or nursing felines. Pet wellbeing always advises you to consult your Vet before beginning any supplement. The product should NOT be taken with conventional treatment.

Thyroid Support Gold For Cats Side Effects

No health supplement is perfect and Thyroid Support Gold is not an exception. Nevertheless, there have been no side effects reported so far. Pet owners are seeing positive results and are happy with the results.

If you are not seeing any positive results or notice that the conditions getting worse, discontinue use and consult the Vet immediately. Even overdosing can lead to mild reactions. Don’t panic and contact the Vet ASAP.

Thyroid Support Gold for cats reviews

Here are few of the testimonials/thyroid support gold cat hyperthyroidism support reviews straight from the owner’s heart.

  • Jeff from Reno NV – “This is my second review. Around 4 months ago my vet said that my 18 yr old cat is dealing with hyperthyroidism. After using this supplement for 4 months, my pet Tigger is doing great. For a couple of months, I was dealing with his coat matting. Since he is a Siberian, I had to frequently groom and trim his hair. But now his coat has become so easy that brushing and grooming him has become so much easier. Thyroid support gold has not only extended his life but improved his overall health as well.”
  • Ktdid from Rhode Island – “Since I am working with a homeopathic Vet, I have been able to find the right dosage for my cat. Western meds can really be very toxic and need to be discontinued for the fear of any dangerous side effects. Since my cat is very old, I was left with very few alternatives. I would have never believed that he will be living 2.5 years later. Love Thyroid support gold. It is not a cure but certainly allows him to stay healthy and free from any detrimental condition.”
  • Kiimp – “This product has made a world of difference in my cat’s health. It took me some time to figure the right dosage for her but once done, everything fell in place. At one point I stopped giving her this supplement and immediately I could notice that her health went down.”
  • Sun – “I watched my cat being experimented on various vet’s prescription medication for hyperthyroidism. She has been on Thyroid Support Gold for less than a month and I can see that she is gaining little weight. I am awaiting the moment when she gets back to her good thyroid health and weight.”

Apart from thyroid support gold, you can consult your Vet and treat hyperthyroidism in cats with diet food that will surely improve their health. For instance, cut down on fruits, vegetables, or grains. Implement canned or raw diets which is definitely better than dry foods that contain too many carbs and plant-based protein.

You can also avoid

  • Foods that contain soy
  • BPA in canned foods
  • Fish
  • Bowls and containers made out of plastic. Replace them with glass, ceramic or metal.
  • Storing food in plastic containers
  • Ultra high or low iodine diets

For more info, you can refer that offers you complete nutrient information of what exactly should you feed your hyperactive pet.

Where to buy Thyroid support gold supplement?

You can order Thyroid Support Gold directly from the official website. This way you can avail of an auto-ship program that offers you great savings on the product as well on the shipping. Another way to save more is to buy in bulk. While Pet wellbeing offers you discounts on actual Thyroid support gold price, a bulk purchase can make you eligible for FREE SHIPPING anywhere in the USA and Canada. If you are planning to use this product regularly (i.e. for a few months down the lane), this is the best buy.

Apart from the official website, it is also available at Amazon. It is not available at OTC stores/pharmacies or other online retailers such as Walgreens, Walmart, Petsmart, GNC, eBay etc.

Pet wellbeing also offers you 90-day money-back guarantee on all their products. This is a great time to check the product’s efficiency. Normally, it takes around a month to see results. Hence it is always best to buy at least 2 bottles so that you need not wait for another bottle when you see positive results.

The company ships internationally as well so irrespective of your region (UK, Australia, Canada, New Zealand and so on), the product will be delivered right at your doorstep.

In rare cases, if you see the product is not working, you can simply return the unused bottles and claim your refund within 90 days.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Pet Wellbeing Thyroid Support Gold safe?

Yes, the product is absolutely safe and effective. In fact, there have not been any reports of adverse reactions from pet owners.

How long does it take this Feline Thyroid Gland Support to work?

Based on the severity of the condition, you should notice improvements within 3-4 weeks of use. Being a herbal product, it takes its own pace in correcting the body which needs patience.

Is there any return policy for Feline Thyroid Support Gold?

The company provides 90-day return policy on any product including this cat thyroid supplement. This means you have ample of time to check how the product works on your cat.

Can I use Pet Wellbeing Thyroid Support Silver on my cat?

Thyroid Support Silver is meant for cats suffering from hypothyroidism only. If your cat is dealing with hyperthyroidism, DO NOT use Thyroid Support Silver.

The Final Verdict

Summing it up, Thyroid Support Gold seems trustworthy enough to alleviate hyperthyroidism in cats and dogs. That’s right. This product can be used for dogs also. If the vet has diagnosed your cat of hyperthyroidism, then Thyroid Support Gold is definitely recommended. Note that being a natural product, it takes its own time in showing improvement. Do not get discouraged. A healthy lifestyle combined with this herbal supplement is sure to work wonders on your cat.

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