Violight Toothbrush Sterilizer & Its Uses

Violight Sanitizer Products

Choose from a wide range of Violife UV Sanitizer products such as toothbrush that beats germs and maintains perfect dental health.

Violight brings you counter top Violight toothbrush sterilizer that sanitizes your toothbrush with a touch of elegant and fun designs, suitable for both adults and kids.

“Brush your teeth”…….!!!!!!!! You have been hearing it since the day your two teeth came into the picture. We care about teeth very much, taking each and every step to protect our teeth from bad breath, cavities and other dental plagues. But how often have we thought about the toothbrush? Toothbrush hold the bristles so tight that they are highly prone to germs and bacteria which is invisible to the naked eye. The bacteria, while brushing leads to cold, diarrhea and other diseases.


How Violight sterlizers help

Violight sterilizers is an egg-shaped unit which holds only one toothbrush. Along with variety of colors available, it contains UV bulb in the unit. It works with the help of an AC Adapter and three alkaline batteries. When you insert the toothbrush into the sterilizer, the toothbrush shines for approximately five to six minutes and tada……it comes out all sterilized.

In the middle of the power button contains one blue LED, which glows while the sterilization takes place. Violight do gives out a statutory warning not to look directly into this light as it can be harmful to the eye.

You may have seen lot of water purifiers such as Tyent ionizer or Purepro that use UV technology and eliminate the germs in water. Same procedure is applied with Violight countertop toothbrushes. Simply washing your brush under the tap doesn’t work. UV rays of the sterilizer penetrate in the deep core of bristles and other areas of brush where it is impossible to us to clean.

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