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In a person’s life there are certain emotions which create that sweet shoot of hormones through our body and that which would put us into that surreal feeling of a perfect life. One such feeling that everyone holds dear to their heart would be their first feeling of love. You would remember your pounding heartbeat the first time you proposed anyone (guys lol) and girls would remember the surprise and the romance of their first time getting asked out. All these emotions are something to be experienced in a life as a human being. There are many ways by which you can convey this message to your loved one.

Gifts & Ideas – Gifting a Flower to your loved one

One of the most touching, emotional and evergreen way of conveying would be by the gifting them one of the things which represent beauty- FLOWERS. Gifting of flowers dates back to the middle ages where it was used for representing love. Gifting flower is one of the few traditions which will never lose its role in conveying an emotional message. A gentle emotional gesture can mean more than a mighty speech about love and for me one of these gestures would be gifting a flower for your loved one.

A flower itself includes a representation of the beauty of the whole nature and what can be sweeter than presenting this token of beauty. Even though there are many flowers which can be used for conveying your message gifting a rose according to me would be a timeless gesture. It can be given as a bouquet or as a single rose whichever you feel would satisfy your partner. Now there are many meaning which is attached to the colors of these roses, some of the common colors are:


This is one of the most commonly used and as I said would be a timeless piece of love gesture. A red rose represents romantic love and is usually presented with their long stem.
Pink: Pink often represents refinement, now this is used for kind of occasions where you have admired a person but did not ever get a chance to express. You can convey that message by gifting that person with a pink rose.


Yellow represents friendship and would convey the message that knowing the guy brought in a load of joy into your life. Well isn’t that cute message conveyed in a cute way!
So these are some of the most used flowers and the meaning behind the gesture of gifting a flower. So work your wallet and let your loved one know what you feel about him or her. Wishing everyone with a life filled with love, joy and laughter. Cheers!!

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